Man pages for jason-morgan/dynnet
Latent Space Models for Static and Dynamic Networks

as_distance_vectorConvert Latent Locations to a Vector of Distances
calc_positionsCalculate Node Postitions
c.dynnetConcatenate dynnet Objects into Single Composite Network
control.lsmLatent Space Model Control Parameters
decompose_thetaDecompose 'theta' into the
default_ref_posGenerate Default Reference Locations
dgp_fnNetwork Data Generating Process
dynnet_adjacencyDynamic Network from a List of Adjacency Matrices
dynnet-packageLatent Space Models for Static and Dynamic Networks
edge_densityNetwork Edge Density
gapplyApply Function To Each Network Realization
generate_adjacencyGenerate Adjacency Matrix from a Set of Latent Positions,...
generate_latent_valuesGenerate Latent Positions or Trajectories
get_adjacencyExtract Adjacency Matrices from dynnet Object
get_graphSelect Graph from a 'dynnet' Object
graphsExtract Graphs from Network
insert_refInsert Reference Locations into Latent Positions Matrix
list_all_equalCheck if All List Elements are Equal
locationsEstimated Locations from Latent Space Model
lsmStatic Latent Space Model
ndyads.dynnetCalculate the Number of Unique Dyads in a Network
periodsNumber of Periods in the Network
positionsExtract Latent Positions from Simulated Network
printPrint dynnet Network Object
rdsphereRandom Point From 'd'-dimensional Unit Hypersphere
simulate_dynnetSimulate Dynamic and Static Networks
split_nSplits 'n' into 'g' Groups
to_dynnetCreate dynnet Network Object from Another Format
trajectoriesExtract Latent Trajectories from Simulated Network
trajectory_linearLinear Trajectory
vcountNumber of Vertices in a Graph
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