Man pages for jasonxu90/splitFeas
Multiset Split Feasibility

backtrackBacktracking Line Search
ddgCompute the approximate Hessian of the majorization.
dgCompute the gradient of the majorization.
mmqn_stepMM-quasi-Newton step
nmsfp_mmMM algorithm for nonlinear multiple-sets split feasibility...
nmsfp_mmqnMM algorithm (accelerated) for nonlinear multiple-sets split...
nmsfp_sapSelf-adaptive projection-type method algorithm for nonlinear...
nmsfp_sap_one_stepOne step of self-adaptive projection-type method for the...
project_ballProjection onto a ball
project_cubeProject onto a cube
project_halfspaceProjection onto a halfspace
project_squareProject onto a square
proximityProximity function
qnammQuasi-Newton acceleration of MM algorithm
softmaxCompute soft-max
wood_inv_solveCompute the inverse approximate Hessian of the majorization...
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