Man pages for jaspercooper/distancematrix

calculate_set_distancesCalculate average distance in a given set
calculate_spherical_distanceCalculate the spherical distance between two coordinates
calculate_total_or_average_distancesCalculate the total or average distance between all units for...
create_adjacency_matrixCreate a binary adjacency matrix from a distance matrix.
create_distance_matrixCalculate the distance of each unit to every other unit.
create_set_spatial_bufferFind sets of units that are separated by a minimum distance...
dist_mat_subsetSubset a distance matrix by a sample_selection object
find_proximate_unitsFor each unit, find the units that are within some distance
find_setsFind the sets within a sample_selection object that meet some...
find_sets_biggestFind the biggest sets within a sample_selection object
find_sets_total_distanceFind the sets that are above a given percentile of the...
summarize_set_distancesSummarize the distances in a set of sets
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