Man pages for javadch/rquis
R Interface to the QUIS Language for Unified Data Processing

quis.addScriptAdds one or more statements to the current process.
quis.appNameQuery engine name.
quis.getAdapterNamesRetrieves the name of the registered adapters.
quis.getEngineGet an engine instance.
quis.getProcessReturns the process.
quis.getRunReportReports the result of the execution.
quis.getVariableGets the resultset by variable name.
quis.getVariableSchemaGets the schema of a variable.
quis.listVariablesLists the name of the variables that contain tabular data.
quis.loadProcessLoads a process file into the engine.
quis.runProcessRuns the process.
quis.versionInfoQuery engine information.
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