Man pages for jayemerson/big.char
Provides Very Large Vectors of Character Strings

as.big.factorCoerce a vector of character to a big.factor, quick-and-dirty...
attach.big.charAttach a shared and/or filebacked big.char object
big.charCreate a big.char object!
big.char-classS4 class big.char inheriting from bigmemory::big.matrix.
big.char-methodsDo we have a big.char?
big.char-methods-nonrecnon-recommended [:(ANY, ANY, missing) signature
big.char-packageProvides very large vectors of character strings
big.factorCreate a big.factor object
big.factor-classS4 class big.factor contains a big.matrix (vector) of...
is.big.charGeneric function is.big.char()
maxcharGet the maximum character length of a big.char
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