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Spatial Modeling on Stream Networks

additive.functionGenerate an Additive Function Value
AIC.glmssnAIC for glmssn objects
as.SpatialLines.SpatialStreamNetworkMethods to convert SpatialStreamNetwork objects classes to sp...
binSpFitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
BlockPredictBlock Predicton for Streams Data
BLUPCompute the joint mean, variance and covariance of any random...
boxplot.SpatialStreamNetworkBox-and-whisker plots for data within SpatialStreamNetwork...
copyLSN2tempCopies the lsn directory MiddleFork04.ssn to R's temporary...
covparmsGet Covariance Parameters
createDistMatCalculate Hydrologic Distances for a SpatialStreamNetwork...
createSSNCreate an SpatialStreamnetwork Object
CrossValidationSSNCompute Crossvalidation Values for glmssn Objects
CrossValidationStatsSSNCompute Summary Statistics on Crossvalidation Values for...
designsDesign functions
EmpiricalSemivariogramEmpirical Semivariogram Based on Euclidean Distance
fitNSFitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
fitREFitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
fitSimBinFitted glmssn object for simulated data
fitSimGauFitted glmssn object for simulated data
fitSimPoiFitted glmssn object for simulated data
fitSpFitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
fitSpBkFitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
fitSpRE1Fitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
fitSpRE2Fitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
getConfusionMatExtract confusion matrix for binary spatial model...
getPredsExtract Predictions with associated standard errors.
getSSNdata.frameExtract data from SSN objects as a data.frame
getStreamDistMatExtract the stream network distance matrix from SSN objects
glmssnFitting Generalized Linear Models for Spatial Stream Networks
glmssn-classClass "glmssn"
GR2Generalised R2
importPredptsImport Prediction Points into a SpatialStreamNetwork or...
importSSNImport an object of class SpatialStreamNetwork
influenceSSN-classClass "influenceSSN"
InfoCritCompareCompare 'glmssn' Information Criteria
mf04imported SpatialStreamNetwork object from MiddleFork04.ssn...
mf04pImported SpatialStreamNetwork object from MiddleFork04.ssn...
MiddleFork04.ssnMiddleFork04.ssn data folder
plot.glmssn.predictPlot glmssn.predict Objects
plot.influenceSSNPlotting Method for influenceSSN Objects
plot.SpatialStreamNetworkPlotting Method for SpatialStreamNetwork Objects
plot.TorgegramPlotting Method for Torgegram Objects
poiSpFitted glmssn object for example data set MiddleFork.ssn
predict.glmssnCalculate Predictions for Prediction Sites
print.summary.glmssnPrint summary - S3 Method for Class 'glmssn'
residuals.glmssnCompute Model Residuals for glmssn Objects
SimulateOnSSNSimulating Data on Spatial Stream Networks
SpatialStreamNetwork-classClass "SpatialStreamNetwork"
splitPredictionsSplit Prediction Sets in a SpatialStreamNetwork Object
SSN-packageSpatial Modeling on Stream Networks
subsetSSNSubset a SpatialStreamNetwork Object
summary.glmssnSummary - S3 Method for Class 'glmssn'
TorgegramEmpirical Semivariogram Based on Hydrologic Distance and flow...
updatePathUpdate Path Slot in SpatialStreamNetwork Object
varcompVariance Components for glmssn Objects
writeSSNWrite a SpatialStreamNetwork Object
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