Man pages for jazznbass/scaledic
Functions and data frame extension for scale based operations

apply_dicApply dictionary
build_scaledic_skeletonBuild a dictionary file template
check_valuesCheck values Checks if values in variables are within the set...
deploy_dicDeploy dictionary information
dic_attrSet and get dictionary attributes
dic_ITRFDictionary file for the Integrated Teacher Report Form.
extract_dicExtract a dictionary from data file
get_dicGet dictionary information
get_indexGet index
impute_missingImpute missing values
ITRFIntegrated Teacher Report Form
list_scalesList scales
names2itemRename items Set names of items as long labels and vice...
replace_missingReplace Missing values
scaledic-packageScale Dictionary
score_scaleScore scale Calculates the scale scores.
select_scaleSelect a scale Selects a data frame with variables of a...
select_scoresSelect scale scores Selects a data frame with score variables...
set_dicSet dictionary informations to variable
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