Man pages for jbkunst/jbkmisc
Own functions and nothing else

blog_set_chunkBlog setup
ccountCount the counts
cleanclean data This is a wrapper of some functions from janitor...
compute2Force computation of a tbl_lazy in the database Compute...
countpAdd percent to 'count'
dbRemoveTableIfExistsRemove table if exists
filename_genAuxiliar function to generate a filename following a pattern
format_tblFormat table to report
get_my_local_ipGet local IP
ggsavFunction to save the last_plot using filename_gen
giphyCreating a md image and link source from a giphy url
icoCreating FA ico given name and color
jbk_ticTic Toe Wrappers
RCreating a R blue letter
spin_jekyll_postSpin to md jekyll post
str_cleanTransform name colums to human readable strings
swSave widget for presentations which share same folder
theme_jbkMy ggplot2 go-to theme inspired by 'hrbrthemes'
theme_nullMy ggplot2 null theme
update_some_geom_defaultsUpdate geoms colour
wf_create_foldersGenerate structure
ym_add_monthsAdd mothns to a year month
ym_diffYear month string to date...
ym_divYear month to semester, quarter, trimester
ym_formatFormat a year month into a specific date format A wrapper for...
ym_to_dateYear month string to date
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