Man pages for jbkunst/riskr
Functions to Facilitate the Evaluation, Monitoring and Modeling process

aucrocCalculate Area Under ROC Curve
btBivariate Table
conf_matrixCalculating A Confusion Matrix
creditcredit data
divergenceCalculate Divergence
ez_summGenerate Summary Tables for data frames
ez_summ_bivGenerate Summary Tables for numercial variables
ez_summ_catGenerate Summary Tables for categorical variables
ez_summ_numGenerate Summary Tables for numercial variables
ftFrecueny table from a vector
gainCalculate Gains
gb_smGroup by and summarize
gg_baPlot Bivariate Analysis
gg_ba2Plot Bivariate Analysis (2)
gg_cumPlot to compare cumulatives distrbutions
gg_distsPlot to compare distrbutions
gg_gainPlot Gain Curve
gg_liftPlot Lift Chart
gg_perfPlot Performance
gg_rocPlot AUC Curve
ggs_bivPlot bivariates gg_ba
giniCalculate Gini Coefficient
ksCalculate Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic
ks2Calculate Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic
linear_formulaWrite the Linear Combination
odds_tableCalculating Odd table
perfSummary of Performance
predictionssimulated dataset: target and predictions
pred_rankingRanking for predictives variables
pretty_dfMake a data frame looks a bit pretty
psi_tablePSI Table
riskrriskr: functions to make easy the validation of scores from...
riskr-exportsriskr exported operators and S3 methods
select_categoricalSelecting categorical variables from a data frame
select_numericSelecting numeric variables from a data frame
superv_binSupervised Binning
unvariabilityCalculate the unvariability
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