Man pages for jbryer/PSAboot
Bootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis the results of PSAboot summary to a data frame.
balanceReturns a summary of the balance for all bootstrap samples.
balance.matchingReturns balance for each covariate from propensity score...
boot.ctreeStratification using classification trees for bootstrapping.
boot.matchingMatching package implementation for bootstrapping.
boot.matchitMatchIt package implementation for bootstrapping.
boot.rpartStratification using classification trees for bootstrapping.
boot.strataStratification implementation for bootstrapping.
boxplot.PSAbootBoxplot of PSA bootstrap results.
boxplot.PSAboot.balanceBoxplot of the balance statistics for bootstrapped samples.
getPSAbootMethodsReturns a vector with the default methods used by 'PSAboot'.
hist.PSAbootHistogram of PSA bootstrap results
matrixplotMatrix Plot of Bootstrapped Propensity Score Analysis
pisaluxProgramme of International Student Assessment (PISA) results...
pisa.psa.colsCharacter vector representing the list of covariates used for...
pisausaProgramme of International Student Assessment (PISA) results...
plot.PSAbootPlot the results of PSAboot
plot.PSAboot.balancePlot method for balance.
print.PSAbootPrint results of PSAboot
print.PSAboot.balancePrint method for balance.
print.PSAbootSummaryPrint method for PSAboot Summary.
PSAbootBootstrapping for propensity score analysis
PSAboot-packageBootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis
psa.strataPropensity Score Analysis using Stratification
q25Return the 25th percentile.
q75Returns the 75th percentile.
summary.PSAbootSummary of pooled results from PSAboot
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