Man pages for jbryer/PSAgraphics2
Propensity Score Analysis

bootmatchBootstrap treatment units for propensity score analysis
lindnerData on 996 initial Percutaneous Coronary Interventions...
loess.plotLoess plot with density distributions for propensity scores...
pisa.psa.colsCharacter vector representing the list of covariates used for...
pisausaProgramme of International Student Assessment (PISA) results...
plot.bootmatchPlot the results of bootmatch
plot.psrangePlots densities and ranges for the propensity scores.
print.bootmatchPrint results of bootmatch
print.psrangePrints information about a psrange result.
PSAgraphics2-packageAn R Package for Propensity Score Analysis
psa.strataPropensity Score Analysis using Stratification
psrangeEstimates models with increasing number of comparision...
summary.bootmatchSummary of pooled results from bootmatch
summary.psrangePrints the summary results of psrange.
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