Man pages for jbrzusto/sensorgnome-R-package
Tools for the sensorgnome project.

crossCross product of vectors.
dotDot product of vectors.
fixTimeJumpsFix timejumps in a series of timestamps from a sensorgnome.
friisFriis power gain between two antennas.
gainOmniGain pattern of an omnidirectional antenna.
gainYagiGain of yagi antenna in a particular direction.
getOperatingStatusGet receiver operating status.
magMagnitudes of vectors.
makeAxisGenerate a 3-D unit axis vector.
makeOmniCreate an omnidirectional antenna object.
makeYagiCreate a yagi antenna object.
plotOperatingStatusPlot receiver operating status.
publicLotekToSGfilter and convert public Lotek tag detections to SG format
sensorgnomeTools for working with Sensorgnome field computers
SGifyConvert a data.frame of Lotek tag data to a...
windowApplyApply a function to one variable on each sliding window of...
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