Man pages for jbullock35/Bullock
Tools for table-making and miscellaneous helper utilities

alpha_cronbachCompute Cronbach's alpha
BullockBullock: convenience functions and tools for table generation
cutYearsTransform a vector of year values into an ordered factor of...
INValue matching
latexTableCreate a LaTeX table from a matrix.
latexTablePDFRenders a LaTeX table as a PDF file.
lsosList objects and their characteristics
lt_colNames_defaultCompute default column names for latexTable objects.
lt_colNumbersAutomatically determine column names of the form (1), (2),...
lt_footerCompute default footers for latexTable() objects.
lt_nobsRowSpecify a footer row that indicates the number of...
lt_rSquaredRowSpecify a footer row that indicates R^2 for each regression.
lt_SER_rowSpecify a footer row that indicates the standard error of...
lt_spacerColumns_defaultCompute default positions of spacer columns in calls to...
makePercentageConvert a number or a string to a percentage.
mergeFacFill in missing values of one factor with corresponding...
missingPackageStringChecks for existence of required LaTeX packages.
missingValueFunctionsMissing-value helper functions.
modalValueFind modal value of a vector.
moveToDFMove or copy "freestanding" variables into a data frame.
PDF_cropCrop white margins of a PDF file.
printAllPrint all rows of a tibble.
print.regTablePrint regTable objects.
qwPerl-like function for quoting a list of words
regTableCreate a matrix of regression output from a list of...
reliabilityCompute and report Cronbach's alpha
rescaleRescale a vector to have a specified minimum and maximum.
snakeToCamelTransform a string from snake_case to camelCase.
sourcingDetect whether a file is being sourced from another file.
spaceToCamelTransform a string that has spaces to camelCase.
stackUtilitiesPerl-like stack utilities for R.
strip0Strip "0" from beginning of numbers printed by R.
suppress_warningsSuppress specific warning messages
update.latexTableUpdate a latexTable object with new arguments.
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