Man pages for jcfaria/ScottKnott
The ScottKnott Clustering Algorithm

CRD1Completely Randomized Design (CRD)
CRD2Completely Randomized Design (CRD)
FEFactorial Experiment (FE)
LSLatin Squares Design (LSD)
MaxValueAlgorithm for Pre-order Path in Binary Decision Tree
m.infCalculates the Means and Dispersion
plot.SKPlot SK and SK.nest Objects
RCBDRandomized Complete Block Design (RCBD)
ScottKnott-packageThe ScottKnott Clustering Algorithm
SKThe ScottKnott Clustering Algoritm for Single Experiments
SK.nestThe ScottKnott Clustering Algoritm for Factorial, Split-plot...
sorghumCompletely Randomized Design (CRD)
SPESplit-plot Experiment (SPE)
SPETSplit-plot Experiment in Time (SPET)
SSPESplit-split-plot Experiment (SSPE)
summarySummary Method for SK and SK.nest Objects
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