Man pages for jchrom/moodler
Use data from Moodle DB

extract_edgesCreate an edgelist
extract_edges.mdl_forum_dataCreate an edgelist
extract_nodesCreate a nodelist
extract_nodes.mdl_forum_dataCreate a nodelist
get_course_modulesGet Course Modules
get_coursesGet Courses
get_forumGet Forum
get_module_dataGet module data
get_module_data.mdl_forumGet Forum Data
get_module_data.mdl_quizGet Quiz Data
get_multichoice_multipleGet multichocie (multiple answers) item data
get_multichoice_oneGet multichocie (one answer) item data
get_question_ansGet Question Answer
get_question_keyGet Question Key
get_quizGet Quiz
get_shortanswerGet shortanswer item data
get_truefalseGet truefalse item data
is.mdl_Test mdl_ objects
print.mdl_forumPrint moodle forum
print.mdl_forum_dataPrint moodle forum data
print.mdl_quizPrint moodle quiz
print.mdl_quiz_dataPrint moodle quiz data
quiz_itemsExtract item-level and distractor data
quiz_items.mdl_quiz_dataExtract item-level and distractor data
quiz_keyExtract key
quiz_key.mdl_quiz_dataExtract key
quiz_scoresExtract whole-quiz scores
quiz_scores.mdl_quiz_dataExtract whole-quiz scores
use_queryLoad SQL Query
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