Man pages for jchrom/trellor
R API for Trello

add_boardAdd board
add_cardAdd card
add_checkitemAdd checklist item
add_checklistAdd checklist
add_commentAdd comment
add_labelAdd label
add_listAdd list
add_memberAdd member
as_POSIXct_hexConvert hex string into POSIXct
as_tbl_responseCoerce response object to data.frame
delete_cardDelete card
delete_checkitemDelete item
delete_checklistDelete checklist
delete_modelDELETE data via Trello API
extract_idExctract ID
get_boardGet Board
get_cardGet Card
get_idGet model ID
get_listGet List
get_member_boardsGet Member's Boards
get_member_fieldsGet Member Info
get_modelGet Data From Trello API
get_my_boardsGet Own Boards
get_pagesGet Url With Paging
get_teamGet Team
get_tokenGet OAuth1.0 Token
get_urlGET url from Trello API
is.trello_apiTrello API objects
move_cardMove card
paginateGET multiple pages
post_modelPOST data to Trello API
put_modelPUT data to Trello API
search_modelSearch models
trello_getGet Data From Trello API
trello_get_tokenGet A Secure Token
trelloRtrelloR: R API for Trello
trello_searchSearch models
update_cardUpdate card
update_card_labelsUpdate card labels
update_card_membersUpdate card members
update_checkitemUpdate item
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