Man pages for jcizel/SovereignCrisis
What the package does (one line)

createCrisisVariablesCreate Crisis Variables
eventCounterCrisis Event Counter
getBloombergSovCDSCreate a dataset of Sovereign CDS Spreads (source: Bloomberg)
getIMFIFSCreate a IMF-IFS dataset
getSovBenchmarksPrepare a dataset of sovereign benchmark credit risk measures
getSovBondSpreadsGet a dataset of sovereign bond spreads (source: World Bank...
getSPRatingsCreate a dataset of S&P sovereign credit ratings
loadCrisisDBLoad Reinhardt and Rogoff Sovereign Crisis Database
plotSovBenchmarksLine plots of sovereign credit ratings, CDS spreads, and...
summarizeDataAvailabilitySummarize data availability for each cross-sectional unit...
tabulateCrisesProduce a Summary Table of Sovereign Crises
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