Man pages for jcrodriguez1989/autokeras
R Interface to 'Auto-Keras'

AutokerasModel-classAutokeras model class representation
autokeras-packageR interface to Auto-Keras
evaluateReturn the accuracy score between predict value and y_test.
export_modelExport and import functions for Keras and AutoKeras models.
final_fitFinal training after found the best architecture.
fitFind the best neural architecture and train it.
get_keras_modelReturn the best trained Keras architecture.
install_autokerasInstall Auto-Keras, Keras, and the TensorFlow backend
model_image_classifierAuto-Keras Model
model_image_regressorAuto-Keras Model
model_tabular_classifierAuto-Keras Model
model_tabular_regressorAuto-Keras Model
model_text_classifierAuto-Keras Model
model_text_regressorAuto-Keras Model
predictReturn predict results for the testing data.
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