Man pages for jdbcode/LandsatLinkr
Tools to spectrally link Landsat data

calibrate_and_compositeCalibrate MSS imagery to TM and make cloud-free composites
cal_mss_tc_aggregate_modelCreate an aggregate MSS TC model
cal_oli_tc_aggregate_modelCreate an aggregate oli TC model
change_extensionChanges a file's extension
delete_filesDelete files
eudistEarth-Sun distance by day of year
file_checkHandles file existence checking and overwriting
get_metadataRetrieve Landsat image metadata
llr_time_machineDecompress, stack, and reproject LPSG MSS images
make_usearea_fileMake a usearea file
make_usearea_file_bsqMake a usearea file in ENVI (bsq) format
matrix_to_rasterConverts a matrix to a raster file
mixelComposite images
mosaic_demsCreate a DEM mosaic from a direcory of DEM's
msscalCalibrate MSS images to TM images
msscal_singleCalibrate MSS images to TM images
msscostConvert DN values to surface reflectance
msscvmCreate a cloud and cloud shadow mask for Landsat MSS imagery
mssdn2reflConvert DN values to toa reflectance
mss_resampleResamples MSS dos_sr and cloudmask images to 30m
msssr2tcCreate MSS TC from surface reflectance and modeled...
mssunpackrDecompress, stack, and reproject LPSG MSS images
msswarpSpatially warp an MSS image
msswarp_oldSpatially warp an MSS image
olicalCalibrate OLI images to TM images
olical_singleCalibrate oli images to TM images
olisr2tcCreate oli TC from surface reflectance and modeled...
oliunpackrDecompress, stack, and reproject OLI SR images
prepare_imagesPrepare image MSS and TM images for calibration/compositing
prepare_topoPrepare topographic layers: elevation, slope, aspect for use...
run_landsatlinkrGUI for running LandsatLinkr
set_projectionSet the projection of raster
tmunpackrDecompress, stack, and reproject TM/ETM+ SR images
trim_na_rowcolTrim NA rows and columns from an image
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