Man pages for jdblischak/workflowr
A Framework for Reproducible and Collaborative Data Science

extract_commitExtract a commit from a Git repository
wflow_buildBuild the site
wflow_git_commitCommit files
wflow_git_configConfigure Git settings
wflow_git_pullPull files from remote repository
wflow_git_pushPush files to remote repository
wflow_git_remoteManage remote Git repositories
wflow_htmlReproducible HTML document
wflow_publishPublish the site
wflow_removeRemove files
wflow_siteCustom site generator for workflowr websites
wflow_startStart a new workflowr project
wflow_statusReport status of workflowr project
wflow_updateUpdate a workflowr project
wflow_viewView research website locally
workflowrworkflowr: A workflow template for creating a research...
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