Man pages for jdeines/salustools
Tools to Work with the SALUS Crop Model

cat_functionA Cat Function
getNassCounty_fcExtract NASS data by county from API - the whole shebang
getNassCounty_shortExtract NASS data by county from API
getStateFipsState Fips Lookup
helloHello, World!
makeExperimentTableMake Experiment Master Table
parseRotationStringsParse Crop Rotations from Experiment String Code
salusRawToAnnualProcess Raw SALUS Output
spatializeSpatialize SALUS Results
spatializeAllSpatialize wrapper: apply to multiple years
spatializeAll_grassSpatialize wrapper: apply to multiple years
spatializeGrassSpatialize SALUS Results: Grassland override
summarizeWaterStacksAnnual Water Stats from Spatialized Results
summarizeYieldStacksAnnual Yield Stats from Spatialized Results
write_HPC_batMake HPCC Batch Files to run all experiments in run
write_HPC_shellMake HPCC Shell Files to Run Xdbs
write_HPC_shell_RMake HPCC Shell Files to Run R Scripts for Prep and Run...
write_xdb_bottomMatterClose SALUS xdb.xml by writing end elements
write_xdb_experimentWrite SALUS xdb.xml Experiment Level Parameters
write_xdb_mFertilizeWrite SALUS xdb.xml Fertlizer Management for Rotation...
write_xdb_mFertilize_AutoWrite SALUS xdb.xml AUTO Fertlizer Management for Rotation...
write_xdb_mHarvest_maturityWrite SALUS xdb.xml Harvest Management for Rotation...
write_xdb_mHarvest_reportedWrite SALUS xdb.xml Harvest Management for Rotation...
write_xdb_mIrrigate_AutoWrite SALUS xdb.xml Irrigation Management for Rotation...
write_xdb_mPlantingWrite SALUS xdb.xml Planting Management for Rotation...
write_xdb_mTillageWrite SALUS xdb.xml Tillage Management for Rotation Component
write_xdb_rotationWrite SALUS xdb.xml Rotation Component Level Parameters
write_xdb_topMatterWrite SALUS xdb.xml Top Matter
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