Man pages for jdtatsch/inmetr
Import Historical Data from Brazilian Meteorological Stations

bdmep_coordsGet coordinates on meteorological stations
bdmep_descriptionDescription of meteorological variables
bdmep_importImport data from Brazilian meteorological stations
bdmep_import_stationImport data of a meteorological station
bdmep_metaMetadata on 394 meteorological stations of INMET
bdmep_readRead data downaloaded from BDMEP
bdmep_stationsGet basic information on meteorological station from INMET
bdmep_templateTemplate bdmep dataframe to be used when the status of a...
inmetrinmetr: A package for import data from Brazilian...
pipePipe operator
set_bdmep_userSet username and password to login BDMEP
str_emptyDetect if a string is empty
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