Intervention Significance on Multiple Time-Series

multiseries_intervention is a package of designed to provide simple analysis of multi-series intervention data. The package's functions serve the primary purpose of ennacting a t-test on the multiple-time-series samples to analyze whether there was a significant change in data correlated to the intervention.

Installation Procedure

Run this command in the R console:




The t_multiseries function is designed to analyze multiple time-series data. This function creates two groups of sample data from pre and post intervention averages, then compares those two distributions to assess whether there was a significant change in observations correlated to the intervntion.The function can only accept data that has already been synchronized to define time of intervention as t = 0 for all series. The t_multiseries function returns the standard output of a t-test.


This repository uses the EPL-2.0 license.

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