scr :: Spatial scoring algorithms

Lifecycle: experimental

Package scorer (abbreviated by scr) provides formal classes and a general framework to ease spatial scoring tasks. Commits are coming.

Package scorer implements ideas nurtured while developping internal package glr for The Co-operators (CGIC). A much more general framework is adopted. Sharing is caring, open source is prioritized.


The package is still in early development and is not ready to be used. Do not install. For now, if you need a feature in it, I would suggest copying the source code directly (only if tests were written for the feature).

What is a spatial scoring?

A spatial scoring is any kind of data extractions in the context of spatial data. It can be seen as SQL left joins adapted to data described by spatial coordinates.

The manifesto

We believe everyone should be able to do spatial analyses on their own. We believe everyone have the right to request tools that are fast, friendly and robust. We believe R is at the forefront of innovation. We believe R is part of a richer core of open-source alternatives. We believe we should be sharing our work with others. We believe knowledge comes at the price of sharing it. We believe you should be one of us. Let's talk!

Share and enjoy.

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