Man pages for jeff-hughes/reghelper
Helper Functions for Regression Analysis

betaStandardized coefficients of a model.
block_model_summSummary functions for build_model block regression models.
build_modelIncremental block modelling.
build_model_qIncremental block modelling.
cell_meansEstimated values of a linear model.
cell_means_qEstimated values of a linear model.
graph_modelGraph interactions for fitted models.
graph_model_qGraph interactions for fitted models.
ICCIntra-class correlation.
print.simple_slopesPrint simple slopes.
print.simple_slopes_lme4Print simple slopes.
reghelperreghelper: A package to help with running regression...
sig_regionsRegions of significance for an interaction.
simple_slopesSimple slopes of an interaction.
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