Man pages for jefferis/IgorR
Read Binary Files Saved by 'Igor Pro' (Including 'Neuromatic' Data)

IgorR-packageRead binary files saved by Igor Pro (including Neuromatic...
IgorR-privatePrivate functions in IgorR Package
ReadAllNclampLogTablesRead all Nclamp log tables from a directory into a list
read.ibwRead binary files in the Igor Binary Wave format (IBW)
ReadNclampLogTableRead the log table produced by Nclamp acquisition software...
read.pxpReads an Igor Pro Packed Experiment (.pxp) file
SummariseSweepFileExtract summary information from an Nclamp/Igor Sweep File
SweepFilesToDataFrameSummarise multiple sweep files into a single dataframe
tsp.igorwaveReturn tsp attribute of Igor wave (start, end, frequency)
UpdateSweepDataFrameUpdate the CSV file summarising the sweeps in an Nclamp data...
WaveToTimeSeriesConvert an Igor wave (wave list) loaded by read.ibw into an R...
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