Man pages for jefferis/paperutils
Support preparation of journal articles from LyX/pdflatex output

add_scholar_cites_to_bibUpdate citation counts in bib file for references with google...
ailinkedfilespure R implementation of
bibdesk_cleanClean up a bibtex file produced by BibDesk
biber_cacheReturn full path to the biber (biblatex) cache or delete it...
bibtoolRun bibtool command line utility
convert_pptx_pdfsConvert all the PDFs in PowerPoint presentation into higher...
current_lyx_tempfileFull path to most recent temporary PDF previewed by LyX
extract_pdfExtract pages from a PDF to new PDF(s)
find_figsFind location of figures or tables using latex auxfile
find_supplementalFind location of supplemental information (SI) using latex...
fix_sla_linksConvert linked files in Scribus file from absolute to...
gscompressCompress a PDF using ghostscript
insert_bookmarksInsert and Extract bookmarks from a PDF
is.pptxTest if file is in pptx format
linked_from_aiList all linked files from given illustrator file (ai or pdf)
linked_from_lyxReturn all the files linked from a LyX file
linked_from_slaList all linked files from given Scribus file (sla)
lyx_citekeysList the bibtex citekeys for a LyX document
lyxexportExport a LyX file to another format (by default xhtml)
lyxhtml2htmlConvert a LyXHTML file to an html file that can be opened by...
make_bookmark_textMake a correctly formatted block of text defining a bookmark...
numpagesReturn number of pages in PDF
paperutilspaperutils: PDF manipulation utilities (wrapping pdftk and...
pdf2pngConvert pdf file to a png using ImageMagick convert tool
pdftkReturn absolute path to pdftk binary
pdftotextInvoke pdftotext tool to extract text from a PDF document
pdftotextbinReturn absolute path to pdftotext binary
pngresReturn (horizontal) resolution in dots per inch of a png file
read_bibdesk_bibRead a BibDesk bib file after cleaning it to remove problem...
read_bibdesk_static_groupsRead in the citekeys for each static group in a BibDesk file
unzip_pptxUnzip a PowerPoint pptx to a temporary directory
zip_pptx_dirZip up a temporary directory into a PowerPoint pptx file
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