Man pages for jefferis/runu
R wrapper for the unu image processing tool

AddOrReplaceNrrdHeaderFieldAdd or replace lines in the header of a nrrd file
Nrrd2opBinary operation on two nrrds, or on a nrrd and a constant
NrrdCrcFind the CRC (hash) of a gzip encoded NRRD file
NrrdFlipFlip a NRRD image along one axis
NrrdHistoMake a histogram from a nrrd file (as a new nrrd)
NrrdMakeDetachedHeaderForNrrdMake a detached header for a specified nrrd file
NrrdMergeMerge multiple NRRD images into a multichannel PNG
NrrdMinMaxReturn range of values in nrrd file (interface to unu minmax...
NrrdProjectMake projections along a nrrd axis, typically also rescaling
NrrdResampleResample a nrrd with simple or complex filters
NrrdSaveSave a nrrd file in a different encoding / format
NrrdTestDataLengthQuick test that gzipped NRRD has correct data length
NrrdTestIntegrityTest integrity of a NRRD file using gzip/bzip2 checksum
unuRun the unu command line tool
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