Man pages for jefferys/JefferysRUtils
My bag of tricks for R coding

commonPrefixLongest common prefix
commonSuffixLongest common suffix
expect_equalOrNullExtended equality tests
fileBlockApplyApply a function by block to a file or connection
fileLineApplyApply a function to a file or connection
grapes-p-grapesBinary operator versions of paste and paste0
initSayLoggersInitialize default loggers
is.absolutePathTest for absolute path
makeTempFileCreate a temporary text file
mergeFilesMerge text files adding names
merge.listMerge two lists
read.tsvRead table-like files into a data frame.
regexprCaptureExtract text with regexp capture groups
regexprMatchesExtract matched substrings
revStringReverse a string
sayInfoLog to multiple loggers (with different thresholds)
slurpRead a file's lines in as vector
templateFillEvaluate and fill string templates
toCharConvert strings to vectors of chars.
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