Man pages for jeffreyevans/GeNetIt
Spatial Graph-Theoretic Genetic Gravity Modelling

area.graph.statisticsStatistics for edges (lines) based on a defined scale (area).
build.node.dataBuild node data
dmatrix.dfDistance matrix to data.frame
dpsdps genetic distance matrix for Columbia spotted frog (Rana...
graph.statisticsPoint sample and statistics for edges (lines)
gravityGravity model
knn.graphSaturated or K Nearest Neighbour Graph
plot.gravityPlot gravity model
predict.gravityPredict gravity model
print.gravityPrint gravity model
ralu.modelColumbia spotted frog (Rana luteiventris) data for specifying...
ralu.siteSubset of site-level spatial point data for Columbia spotted...
rastersSubset of raster data for Columbia spotted frog (Rana...
summary.gravitySummarizing Gravity Model Fits
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