Solve optimisation problems using the commercial Gurobi software package. This package provides similar functionality to the official gurobi R package. However, this package allows users to retrieve multiple solutions from the solution pool after solving a problem. Note that this package does not support quadratic expressions.

To install this package, the Gurobi software package first must be installed (see here for instructions: Linux, Windows, Mac OSX).

Additionally, the GUROBI_HOME environmental variable must be set to the Gurobi installation directory. The package will fail to install if this variable is not set.

To install this R package, use the following R code:

if (!require('devtools'))
    install.packages('devtools', repo='', dep=TRUE)

Once this package has been installed, you can read through the vignette for a tutorial on how to use it.

View it here, or by running this R code:

# open vignette in web browser
vignette('rgurobi', package='rgurobi')

If this R package helped you, please cite it.

Hanson J.O. (2016). rgurobi: Solve optimisation problems using Gurobi. Version 1.0.0. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.35188.

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