Man pages for jeffreyhorner/Rook
Rook - a web server interface for R

App-classClass 'App'
Brewery-classClass 'Brewery'
Builder-classClass 'Builder'
File-classClass 'File'
is_rookableTest for Rookable applications
Middleware-classClass 'Middleware'
Mime-classClass 'Mime' and object 'Mime'
Multipart-classClass 'Multipart' and object 'Multipart'
Redirect-classClass 'Redirect'
Request-classClass 'Request'
Response-classClass 'Response'
RhttpdApp-classClass 'RhttpdApp'
Rhttpd-classClass 'Rhttpd'
RhttpdErrorStream-classClass 'RhttpdErrorStream'
RhttpdInputStream-classClass 'RhttpdInputStream'
Rook-packageRook: A web server interface and package for R
ServerRook Server Object
Static-classClass 'Static'
suspend_consoleSuspend the R console
URLMap-classClass 'URLMap'
Utils-classClass 'Utils'
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