Man pages for jenfb/bkmr
Bayesian Kernel Machine Regression

CalcGroupPIPsCalculate group-specific posterior inclusion probabilities
CalcPIPsCalculate variable-specific posterior inclusion probabilities
CalcWithinGroupPIPsCalculate conditional predictor specific posterior inclusion...
ComputePostmeanHnewCompute the posterior mean and variance of 'h' at a new...
ComputePostmeanHnew.approxCompute the posterior mean and variance of 'h' at a new...
ComputePostmeanHnew.exactCompute the posterior mean and variance of 'h' at a new...
ExtractEstsExtract summary statistics
ExtractPIPsExtract posterior inclusion probabilities (PIPs) from BKMR...
ExtractSampsExtract samples
InvestigatePriorInvestigate prior
kmbayesFit Bayesian kernel machine regression
OverallRiskSummariesCalculate overall risk summaries
PlotPriorFitsPlot of exposure-response function from univariate KMR fot
PredictorResponseBivarPredict the exposure-response function at a new grid of...
PredictorResponseBivarLevelsPlot cross-sections of the bivariate predictor-response...
PredictorResponseUnivarPlot univariate predictor-response function on a new grid of...
print.bkmrfitPrint basic summary of BKMR model fit
SamplePredObtain posterior samples of predictions at new points
set_verbose_optsOptions for printing summary of model fit to the console
SimDataSimulate dataset
SingVarIntSummariesSingle Variable Interaction Summaries
SingVarRiskSummariesSingle Variable Risk Summaries
summary.bkmrfitSummarizing BKMR model fits
SummarySampsCompute summary statistics
TracePlotTrace plot
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