Man pages for jennybc/googlesheets2
Temporary package to work on major refactor of googlesheets

api_keyProduce the API key
drive_userRetrieve Google Drive user data
gd_tokenRetrieve and report on the current token
gd_userRetrieve information about the current Google user
google_tokenProduce Google token
gs_authAuthorize googlesheets
gs_deauthSuspend authorization
gs_generate_requestGenerate a request for the Sheets v4 API
gs_make_requestExecute a request
gs_webapp_auth_urlBuild URL for authentication
gs_webapp_get_tokenExchange authorization code for an access token
is_legit_tokenCheck that token appears to be legitimate
pipePipe operator
print.gsheetPrint info about a 'gsheet' object
token_availableCheck token availability
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