Man pages for jentjr/gwstats
Tools for plotting and analyzing environmental data

anovaAnalysis of Variance
assign_limitsFunction to assign default Groundwater Protection Standards
boxcox_transformBoxcox transformation
boxplotBoxplot function
conc_to_meqFunction to convert chemical data from mg/L to meq/L
conf_intFunction to calculate confidence intervals
connect_manages3Connect to a MANAGES 3.x Site.mdb database
connect_manages4Function to connect to MANAGES 4.0 database
constituentsFunction to return a list of all the constituents
corr_plotCreate a correlation plot
create_databaseFunction to create a new database for water quality data
default_gwpsU.S. EPA Maximum Contaminant Level and RSL Lookup Table
delete_datebaseFunction to delete an existing water quality database
dixon_testDixon test for outliers
est_distFunction to return either normal, lognormal, or...
est_dist_censoredFunction to return either normal, lognormal, gamma, or...
from_csvfunction to read data in csv format and convert date to...
from_excelfunction to read data in excel format
get_theilsenFunction to get slope and intercept from Theil-Sen slope for...
grubbs_testGrubb's test for outliers
gw_dataExample groundwater quality data
include_dupFunction to include duplicate samples
indiana_dataGroundwater quality data for the state of Indiana
join_ltFunction to join columns of lt_measure and sample results
kendall_trendKendall Trend
name_unitsFunction to return a column of parameter name with units
nth_dateFunction to find the date for next n samples
ohio_dataGroundwater quality data for the state of Ohio
percent_gtCalculate the percentage of right censored data
percent_ltCalculate the percentage of left censored data
piper_plotCreate a piper diagram
piper_time_htmlFunction to create an aminated Piper plot and save to html
piper_time_plotFunction to create an animated Piper plot through time using...
pred_intFunction to calculate prediction interval
pred_int_simFunction to calculate simultaneous prediction interval
read_manages3Function return a MANAGES 3.x Site.mdb database in memory
read_manages4Function to read MANAGES 4.0 database
remove_dupFunction to remove duplicate samples Example: If you have...
replace_missingFunction to replace missing values
rosner_testRosner's test for outliers
sample_locationsFunction to return a list of all the location IDs
schoeller_plotSchoeller Diagram
series_plotFunction to plot a series plot of groundwater data
set_backgroundFunction to return a column of background data
set_censoredFunction to ensure non-detect data are set to either the PQL,...
set_proposed_backgroundFunction to return a column of the proposed background data
start_dateFunction to find the start of sampling for a well constituent...
stiff_plotStiff Diagram
stiff_time_htmlFunction to create an animated Stiff Diagram and save to html
stiff_time_plotFunction to create an animated Stiff Diagram
summarySummary function
to_censoredFunction to convert character column of less than, or greater...
tol_intFunction to calculate tolernace intervals
to_spatialfunction to convert data to sf object
to_wideHelper function to cast data frame to wide format
ts_plotThis function plots multiple groundwater data time series by...
tukey_outlierTukey's test for outliers
update_backgroundFunction to update background data
write_event_summaryFunction to export summary table for a sampling event
write_excelFunction to export data from manages to excel. Each sampling...
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