Man pages for jepusto/SingleCaseES
A Calculator for Single-Case Effect Sizes

batch_calc_ESCalculate effect sizes from a dataset for multiple series
calc_ESCalculate effect sizes
calc_phase_pairsCalculate phase pair numbers
gem_scdA function to estimate the gradual effects model for an SCD
IRDRobust improvement rate difference
LORLog-odds ratio
LRRLog-response ratio
McKissickMcKissick et al. (2010)
NAPNon-overlap of all pairs
PANDPercentage of all non-overlapping data (PAND)
PEMPercentage exceeding the median
PNDPercentage of non-overlapping data
SCD_effect_sizesSCD effect size calculator
Schmidt2007Schmidt (2007)
Schmidt2012Schmidt and Stichter (2012)
shine_gem_scdGradual Effects Model SCD Calculator
ShogrenShogren et al. (2004)
SMDWithin-case standardized mean difference
TauTau (non-overlap)
ThorneThorne and Kamps (2008)
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