Man pages for jeremiaheb/rvc
A statistical package for the Reef Visual Census

getBenthicDataDownload benthic data from server
getDomainAbundanceDomain level abundance
getDomainBiomassDomain level biomass per SSU
getDomainDensityDomain level density
getDomainLengthFrequencyDomain level length frequency
getDomainOccurrenceDomain level occurrence
getDomainTotalBiomassDomain level total biomass
getPSUAbundancePSU level abundance
getPSUBiomassPSU level Biomass
getPSUDensityPSU level density
getRvcDataDownloads RVC data and saves to a list
getSampleDataDownload sample data from server
getStratumAbundanceStratum level abundance
getStratumBiomassStratum level biomass per SSU
getStratumDataDownload stratum data from server
getStratumDensityStratum level density
getStratumLengthFrequencyStratum level length frequency
getStratumOccurrenceStratum level occurrence
getStratumTotalBiomassStratum level total biomass
getTaxonomicDataDownload taxonomic data from server
rvcA statistical package for South Florida's Reef Visual Census
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