Man pages for jesusdaniel/graphclass
Network classification

COBRE.datafMRI brain networks of the COBRE dataset
construct_DConstructor for D penalty matrix, use it for efficiency when...
gc_predictPredict function for graph classifier
get_matrixReturns a matrix from a vectorized network
graphclassRegularized logistic regression classifier for networks.
graphclass-packageGenerate R documentation from inline comments.
matrix_to_vecReturns a vectorized adjacency matrix
node_sparsityCalculates the node sparsity of a vectorized adjacency matrix
plot_adjmatrixPlots a vectorized adjacency matrix.
plot.graphclassPlot function for graph classifier.
power.parcellationNode assignments of the Power parcellation
predict.graphclassPredict function for graph classifier.
UMich.datafMRI brain networks of the UMich dataset
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