Man pages for jetstreamokayasu/seephacm
Summarize results of R Package "phacm"

aggr_success_ratesCalculating succsess rate of results
bootstrap_homologyComputing cycles in subsamples
bootstrapperMaking subsamples
calc_bettisCalculating Betti numbers of list of point cloud data
calc_diag_centroidCalculating the mean of persistence
calc_landscapeCalculating persistence landscape from persistence diagram by...
calcperCalculating persistence of n-dimensional holes
cycle_numberCounting the number of data sets estimated that have n holes
diskUnifGenerating points distributing on disk uniformly
figurePlot3dCombing 'plot3d' and 'aspect3d' to plot 3d data
meetNumberCounting correct result
per_meanCalculating threshold using the mean of persistence
plot_diagramsPlotting persistence diagram in a list
plot_landsPlotting persistence landscape in a list
plot_landscapePlotting persistence landscape
plotLandscapePlotingpersistence landscape
save2RdataSaving variable into RData file in "data" directory under...
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