Man pages for jfukuyama/adaptiveGPCA
Adaptive Generalized PCA

adaptivegpcaAdaptive gPCA
adaptiveGPCA-packageadaptiveGPCA: A package for structured dimensionality...
AntibioticPhyloseqAntibiotic time course experiment.
AntibioticSmallA subset of the antibiotic data
check_axesCheck that the axes specified are valid
check_phyloseqCheck compatibility of agpca and phyloseq objects
estimateComponentsEstimate parameters in hierarchical model
estimateComponents2Estimate variance components
findReflectionFind reflection
gpcaEvecsgPCA using pre-computed eidendecomposition
gpcaFullFamilyMake a sequence of ordinations
gradLikDerivative of the likelihood
gradSigma2OfRDerivative of sigma^2
inspectTaxonomyShiny gadget for tree/taxonomy inspection
likelihoodThe likelihood at a given value of r and sigma
likelihoodRThe likelihood at a given value of r and the maximizing sigma...
likelihood_two_paramsLikelihood of data in two-parameter model
normalizeMatrixNormalizes a matrix.
plot.adaptivegpcaPlot an adaptivegpca object
print.adaptivegpcaPrint an adaptivegpca object
processPhyloseqMake the input matrices for adaptive gPCA
sigma2OfRValue of sigma^2 that maximizes the likelihood for a given...
varianceOnEvecsVariance along eigenvectors of Q
visualizeFullFamilyShiny gadget for adaptive gPCA
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