Man pages for jgabry/QMSS_package
Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences

clusterSECompute clustered standard errors.
custom_xlabsShortcut to customize a ggplot's x-axis labels
firstDCompute first differences
ggMyTSEasily plot time series trends with 'ggplot'
LibrarianLoad multiple packages with one command
logitORTable of odds ratios and confidence intervals for logit...
meltMyTSUse 'reshape2"s 'melt' on multivariate time series object
predProbPredicted probabilities and confidence intervals from logit...
propOddsTestTest proportional odds assumption for ordinal logit models
QMSSCompanion package for Greg Eirich's QMSS courses at Columbia...
RDplotPlot regression discontinuity
ReverseThisReverse-code a variable
rhoCompute fraction of variance due to u_i
sigmaRhoCompute sigma_u, sigma_e, and rho after fixed or random...
stdCoefCompute standardized regression coefficients for a linear...
TabSimple table of counts and percentages
TabXCross Tabulation
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