Man pages for jgabry/RHhelpers
Helper functions for RH imputation and survey weighting

amelia2dfRetrieve an imputed dataset (as a data frame) from an amelia...
attrition_dropReplace values with NAs if respondent did not participate in...
bounds_matrixMake bounds matrix for Amelia
capSet all elements of a vector or matrix above a certain value...
cut_numeric_leftclosedWrapper for 'cut()' with 'labels = FALSE', 'right = FALSE'
cvCoefficient of variation
empty_dfCreate a placeholder NA-filled data.frame
fac2binaryConvert 2-level factor variable to a binary 0/1 variable
flag_namesGet names of imputation flag variables
imp_varlistCreate list of information about variables to be imputed
include_wavesTake baseline variable names and return variable names for...
indicator12_to_indicator01Convert (one or more) 1/2 indicator variables to 1/0...
lt_eq_gtRecode variable based on whether it is less than, equal to,...
margins_for_rakeSample and population margins for raking
max_over_minRatio of maximum to minimum
mean_plus_sdsMean plus k standard deviations
naive_imputation_stepNaively impute continuous value given a bracket (i.e.,...
NAs_to_zerosConvert NAs in imputation flags to zeros
normalizeNormalize to have mean 1
onesMake a one-column matrix of 1s
prepare_imp_NAsMake all values of vars with imputation flag = 1 into NAs
rescale_weights_to_popRescale weights to sum to population
RHhelpersConvenience functions for working with CPRC/RH survey data
save_weightsSave weights as .rds or .dta file
simple_imputeSimple imputations
statusPrint status messages
survey_summaryPrint survey summary statistics
upper_quantile_trimmingTrim high survey weights using quantile as upper bound
weights_histHistogram of weights
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