gazeR:A package to analyze gaze position and pupil size data

For a detailed overview of how to use gazeR, please see the vignettes and posted pre-print (

## Updates (September 2019) - Read in edf files directly - Blink/saccades/fixation algorithm - Comptability with other eye trackers - add Binder functionality to run package in the cloud ## Synopsis This package contains functions for reading in raw eye-tracking data, formatting it for (growth curve) analysis, converting from gaze coordinates to areas of interest, binifying and aggregating data, and various helper functions for GCA and plotting. In addition to gaze-position data, it can handle pupillometric and other time course data. ## Installing Package wzxhzdk:0 # Citation Geller, J., Winn, M., Mahr, T., Mirman, D. (2018). GazeR:A package to analyze gaze position and pupil size data. Retrieved from

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