Man pages for jhelvy/jhelvyr
A bunch of useful functions and settings for working in R. First written Saturday, March 18, 2017 in the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, PA.

CsVector of character strings from list of unquoted names
dummyCodeCreates dummy coded variables in a data frame.
ggmultiplotPlot multiple ggplot objects into one plot frame.
ggTornadoCreates a "tornado" plot using the tidyverse library
jColorsA list of nice color palettes.
jThemeTheme settings for plotting using ggplot2
multiLibraryLoad multiple R packages at once.
printConcatCodePrints the code to concatenate a set of strings
read.zipDownload a zipped file from the web and return the local...
sourceDirFilesSource all R files in a given directory.
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