Man pages for jhilaire/guidr
This package is a wrapper to the GUIDE algorithm for decision-tree methods (Loh 2002)

allocateDataToNodesAllocate data to Terminal nodes
as.fake.rpart.treeCreates fake rpart tree object
calc_transitionMatrixCompute transition matrix
catretPrint message with return carriage
compare_treeStructureCompare tree structures
compute_editDistanceCompute edit distance
demeanDemean data
generate_inputGenerate GUIDE input data
getCountryPathwayGet country pathway of ISO
getParentNodeIDGet complete tree branch paths for a given terminal node
getPathNodeInfoGet full path of from root node to terminal node
get_podeGet the proportion of deviance explained
get_secondBestSplitGet the second best split variable
getSplitVarPathGet tree branch paths of specific depth (from root node)
get_warningsGet warnings from GUIDE output
initpathInitialise file paths
initTreeOptionsInitialise tree options
multiplotMultiple plot function
parse_outputParse GUIDE output
parse_regcoefParse GUIDE regression coefficient file
parse_regressorParse GUIDE regressors
perform_regression_diagnosticsPerform regression diagnostics
plot_ISOPathwayPlot pathwas of a single ISO
plot_ISOPathwaysPlot pathwas of one or several ISOs
plot_ScatterCountryGenerate a scatter plot for a particular country
plot_ScatterCountry_allVarsGenerate scatter pots for a particular country
plot_TNodePlot terminal node
plot_treePlot a regression tree
run_guiderun GUIDE
write_batch_fileCreate a GUIDE batch input file
write_is_fileCreate a GUIDE importance scoring batch input file
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