bronchitis: Chronic bronchitis in a sample of mean in Cardiff

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The data consist of observations on three variables for each of 212 men in a sample of Cardiff enumeration districts.




A data.frame of 212 obs of 3 variables:

[,1] r integer, 1= respondent suffered from chronic bronchitis
[,2] cig numeric, the number of cigarettes per day
[,3] poll numeric, the smoke level in the locality


See p.224 in SMIR


Jones, K. (1975), A geographical contribution to the aetiology of chronic bronchitis, Unpublished BSc dissertation, University of Southampton. Published in Wrigley, N. (1976). Introduction to the use of logit models in geography, Geo.Abstracts Ltd, CATMOG 10, University of East Anglia, Norwich.

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