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Lake Morphometry Metrics

calcLakeMetricsCalculate all Lake Morphometry Metrics
exampleElevElevation Data for 'lakemorpho' examples
exampleLakeLake Data for 'lakemorpho' examples
inputLMlakemorpho class data for 'lakemorpho' examples
lakeFetchFunction to calculate fetch along an input bearing
lakeMajorAxisLengthCalculate the length of the major axis for lake
lakeMaxDepthEstimate maximum lake depth
lakeMaxLengthCaluclate maximum lake length
lakeMaxWidthFunction to find line representing maximum lake Width
lakeMeanDepthFunction to return lake Mean Depth
lakeMeanWidthFunction to return lake Mean Width
lakeMinorAxisLengthCalculate the length of the minor axis for lake
lakeMinorMajorRatioCalculate the ratio of the minor axis length to major axis...
lakemorphoLake Morphometry in R
lakeMorphoClassFunction to create a lakeMorpho class - this is input to all...
lakeShorelineDevelopmentFunction to calculate shoreline development
lakeShorelineLengthFunction to calculate shoreline length
lakeSurfaceAreaReturn lake surface area
lakeSurroundTopoCalculate surrounding topography for lake
lakeVolumeCaluclates Lake Volume in R
plot.lakeMorphoDefault plotting of a lakeMorpho object
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