Man pages for jiang-hang/rwp

addtitlefetch the blog title and insert it into the md file
blogtablegenerate table for given dataframe
blogtable2table by xtable
buildbookbuild a book with the given ids
convOneBlogconvert one blog from html to markdown
doc_typetarget doc type for rmarkdown
embed_pngembed png in the markdown
escape_htmlescape html
escape_latexescape special LaTeX characters
fetchBlogIdsfetch the blog IDs , save it in the ./allids.Rds
getBlogget the blog title and content for given id
getBlogVreturn the title and content in vec
html_dochtml format for rmarkdown
is_latexis target type latex ?
linkgenerate link for both html and latex according to is_latex
listblogIdslist the blog ids for the given page
loadBlogIdsload the allids.Rds and return it
matchfilefind the md or rmd file for given p123
partial_escape_dataframeescape data.frame column wise
pdf_docreplacement of rmarkdown::pdf_document
png_metareturn the png meta data given the path
single_pdfgenerate the pdf for a single blog
tex_docoutput for tex
updateBlogupdate blog with new content, do not use it now
url2pdfconvert a url to pdf / todo
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