Man pages for jienagu/forestry
Reshape Data Tree

add_childAdd children node
assign_attrassign attributes to node; work with fix_items function
children_sortSort chidren nodes with certain order
create_nodescreate a tree with assigned name, children and fields
create_treecreate tree appended with each element of input list as a...
cumsum_across_levelcumulative calculation
cumsum_by_levelcalculate cumsum for input level
exercise_dfAnonymized sample exercise data
fill_NA_levelfill missing value of a field across a level with 0
fix_itemsassign certain children nodes and fill NA for empty fields
fixnamesnumericalize children numeric name to convert JSON object to...
pre_get_arraynumericalize children numeric name to convert JSON object to...
test_dfAnonymized sample data
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