Man pages for jiho/discr
Drifting In Situ Chamber User Software in R

anglesSet or convert angles conventions
approx_circular"Linearly" interpolates angles along a circle
car2polConvert from cardinal to polar coordinates
circular_dotplotCircular dotplot
discRun a disc analysis action
disc_assembleAssemble data of a given kind from several deployments
disc_calibrateCalibrate aquarium position
disc_camera_compass_angleMeasure angle between camera and compass
disc_checkCheck discr running environment
disc_confProject-level settings
disc_correctCorrect tracks (camera frame of reference) based on rotation...
disc_ddGet or set discr deployments directory
disc_extractRaw data extraction
disc_extract_deploymentsExtract data for each deployment
disc_readRaw data reading
disc_start_projectCreate a new project architecture
disc_statsCompute statistics (circular and activity-level) on a...
disc_statusStatus of the deployments directory
disc_trackManually track a larva
disc_track_compassMeasure angle of analog compasses on images
pol2carConvert from polar to cardinal coordinates
polarPolar coordinates in ggplot
summary.circularDescriptive statistics and Rayleigh test
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